Time has come today, for young hearts to go their way,

Can’t put it off another day,

So yelled Lester Chambers during the Tell Us The Truth tour of the US which involved such esteemed artists as Steve Earle, Billy Bragg, Boots Riley, Tom Morello and many others. The anthemic song they collectively played at the shows was an amalgamation between the Chambers Brothers’ Time Has Come Today and The Coup’s Everythang, and was both more passionate and more incredibly awesome than both of those excellent ingredients individually were…

I was reminded of this because today I received a letter from Courage To Resist – support the troops who refuse to fight. I don’t remember specifically joining their movement though I guess I must have, I’ve signed so many petitions involving their cause that I guess at some point I gave them my address. In any event, I’m glad I did because this was a most informative and up-to-date letter, explaining their current attempts to defend Pfc Bradley Manning and bring his current plight to the world’s attention. Reading the description of his incarceration in solitary confinement it is impossible to feel anything other than wholehearted sympathy for this unjustly interned individual, and revulsion, disgust and outrage for those who are treating him in such an inhuman way.

For those who remain ignorant of the current situation:
Bradley is a 23-year-old Army Intelligence analyst who faces life in prison for allegedly sharing with the Wikileaks website a video pertaining to a US helicopter attack that killed 11 civilians and wounded 2 children in Baghdad, Iraq. He is also charged with blowing the whistle on what have become known as the ‘Iraq War Logs’ and the ‘Afghan Diaries’, as well as bringing to light various US State Department cables. He also faces the death penalty on a charge of ‘aiding the enemy’.

He has been held in solitary confinement since June 2010.

We stand with you

I encourage everyone who believes in justice, freedom, liberty and an end to rich men’s wars to support Bradley Manning and the many others representated by the Courage To Resist movement. Don’t let your humanity be crushed by the powers that be – stand up and fight for Bradleys rights, for they are your own.

The documents that this soldier is charged with releasing have opened the public’s eyes to the extent of war crimes, civilian casualties and government corruption surrounding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The people have the right to know this information, but it is only through the selfless leaking of such documents that this right is being upheld at all.

Please, please, take the time to sign the Petition at http://www.standwithbrad.org/, speak out about his circumstances, rail against his inhumane punishment and, if you can, donate to the defence fund. I know it will be incredibly appreciated – any cent you can give adds to the fight for transparency.

I now end with the words of Howard Zinn, a far greater man than I, who fought for truth & justice:
I would urge people to support Courage to Resist in whatever way they can. I can think of nothing more important in stopping the war in Iraq than for the soldiers themselves to refuse to fight. As a veteran myself I know how difficult it is to break out of the stranglehold the military has on one’s mind, and how much courage that takes. Those who make such a decision need all the support we can give them, and Courage to Resist does just that.

Solidarity brothers & sisters ☭

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