She’s a Killer Queen… My malice towards monarchs

The current unelected and unearned British Head of State, Lizzie Windsor arrives on Irish shores tomorrow, and it would probably be timely to analyse the dissent and disdain one can have for QEII while not having any particular regard for Irish nationalism.

Almost all the coverage, if there has been any at all, of those elements of the Irish citizenry who are opposed to the Royal’s visit has focussed exclusively on the ‘dissident Republican’ and ‘anti-English’ sentiments of some protesters. The perception that has been created by such vague and wilfully mendacious media presentation has led to a bizarre sort of schism in society as a whole; if you are against the Queen’s visit, you must be a backward, nationalistic, hate-mongering, violence-prone stick-in-the-mud who cannot see the wood for the trees and will stop at nothing to block the forces of progress. The media has shown us that you cannot be anything else, for if you were enlightened or internationalist in any way, why, you would surely be positive about dear ole Lizzie gracing us with her presence.
Wouldn’t you?

It is a most peculiar, albeit admirable, form of Jedi Mind-Trick that creates the illusion of monarchism as the force of progress and liberalism, and republicanism (note the small ‘r’) as the force of reactionary conservatism. As the French revolutionaries would say, Bravo!

This is what I’m really driving at; my disdain, nay hatred for the Queen of England has nothing to do with Ireland. It has nothing to do with the bullshit 800 years mythology and persecution complex surrounding it, it has nothing to do with Bloody Sunday, it has nothing to do with the North/Ulster/6 counties/Norn Iron, it has nothing to do with the Dublin/Monaghan bombings… it doesn’t even have anything to do with Lizzie herself. Not really. Her personage is unimportant. Such is the personal tragedy of the existence of monarchy, but I digress…

Everything that I believe in, that I have faith in, that I strive for – socialism, humanitarianism, secularism, there are a wide variety of ism’s to which I lend the support of my name if nothing else – can be tied together with one ideal. One principle.

This ideal, this meritorious and liberating concept, was the bedrock of the French revolution. It is the heartbeat of liberation theology. It is the cornerstone of every decent and loving human action, and the motivating factor in responding to injustice. When I was a kid, I used to say in fits of pique, ‘That isn’t FAIR!’ I’m sure we all did, as young’uns; ‘Snot FAIR!’ My dad would always say to me, ‘Life isn’t fair’.
Egalitarianism is looking at this statement and replying, ‘ THEN LET’S MAKE IT SO’.

This is relevant for one reason. Monarchy is the antithesis of such an ideal. It is the enemy of more besides, rationalism, humanism, science, etc… By its very existence it cocks a snook at the principles of equality and justice. By accident of birthright and geography, it arbitrarily affords a family of people extreme wealth and privilege. Once, it afforded them supreme executive power, the removal of which is something this republican is grateful for at least. I was going to call this a ‘select’ group of people, but its not even ‘select’ – it’s just random. Birthright and bloodline. Lineage and Tradition. Conservativism and Class.

I HATE the monarchy. Not the British monarch, the Dutch monarch or the numerous Middle-Eastern monarchs… ALL monarchs. I hate the monarchy as a concept, and the fact that it is still in full effect in the 21st century is something that should make any libertarian, egalitarian or even moderate progressive sick to their stomach.

That is why I won’t be welcoming QEII. Fuck the Queen.

Solidarity brothers & sisters…


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Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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One Response to She’s a Killer Queen… My malice towards monarchs

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Says almost everying I feel about being a socialist and a republican.

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