It’s not plagiarism if you acknowledge the bloke/bird you nicked everything from…

At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Recently I watched the indescribably brilliant He Was A Quiet Man by Frank A. Capello, starring Christian Slater, Elisha Cuthbert and William H. Macy. In fact, so indescribably brilliant was it that I’ve subsequently had a hard time, er, describing it.

After watching the film, there were a few things I’d been unclear about, particularly towards the end of the movie, so I did my customary trawl through the IMDB threads which are usually good for getting to the bottom of any cinematic queries you have. Specifically, I was trying to work out if the whole film was some sort of psychotic hallucinated nightmare…which, now that I think about it, I didn’t actually get to the bottom of…bastards. Where was I…?

Oh yeah. While flicking through the various threads (‘elisha cuthbert tit double?’ and ‘Terrible terrible film that is nearly impossibly to endure without a laugh’ being of particularly high intellectual quality) I came across this incredibly astute précis of the whole shabang. It’s not so much a review or appraisal as it is a description, but it still hits the nail on the head absolutely. So thank you, Coffee_Monster. Whoever you are…

He has a mental disease, his knob is small, he is not smart, his sight is weak, his body is fat, his head is balding, and his nature timid. He is the Omega male. 

Bob is a quiet man. Stuck in his Goldfish bowl of an office job. The male workers bully him through menial humiliation and females he can never love tease with legal action at his hapless lustful looks. 

Society passes him by as he struggles with the harsh manufactured realities of life in the modern day jungle that is our new animal Kingdom. 

He is only too aware that earning your pay check is paramount to survival in the modern wild. After all, we all see people like him out on the streets begging and homeless. 

He shows that in the corporate office the omega male is a travesty. 

In the office he is bullied, by males, physically, by females, sexually. 
At the water cooler he is a social pariah 
At home he is criticised for his garden 
In his house the morning paper delivery is violent 
Even his driving is slow and tentitive, as is his placing in the herd. 
He is nothing more than a peripheral feeder 
His is a quiet man 

His one dream in life is the hula girl. The ideal of her is embodied in all girls and through their beauty. Vanessa was an angel as her smile lit up a room. In reality she was just as animal and ladder climbing as her lower level alternate. Males need to mate, weather its at a watering hole in the jungle or at the cooler in the office. 

His masculinity is in his knowing ability to destroy all that is around him. 

He knows he has power in a gun. 
In the old jungle, females couldn’t bully him 
In the old jungle he could kill the males that bullied him 

All animals drink at the water source, a place for peacocks and chest beating, not for the omega male. 

When he comes eye to eye with another omega male, it dawns on him that he is not alone. He shares a brief moment of chilling kinsmanship with the first shooter. 

He saves the wounded girl. Hes already had his hula dream girl shattered, not again. 

He nurses her and falls in love, he learns to live as the alpha male, a glimpse of what could have been. She is the one that takes him out of the wheel chair that that Omega life has so cruelly entrapped him to. The hummingbird is his freedom. 

But when he sees it all to start unwind, he understands that though Vanessa’s honesty is absolute and genuine, he will never find love. After all he cannot escape the omega male that which he truly is. 

His final act is one of self contention, one of what Vanessa couldn’t but wanted to do when she was forced into her wheelchair. Thrown back into his own wheelchair he ended it. 

Capitalism is the modern Serengeti, the new jungle law, or our manufactured Darwinism, a constructed society now ruled by laws and strangled by bureaucracy. As in the jungle he is just a cretin as he is in the office. It is time to make way for society by removing the weak to make way for the strong. 

This is a snapshot of the jungle that the West has built through capitalism; it is why they snap, why they shoot. An omega Gorilla can’t get a gun and shoot in the jungle, but in the new manufactured Serengeti any monkey can go to wall mart and buy a gun. 

It is a deconstruction of society at the peripheral, and he is not the only one. It happens in schools, in the army, at the post office. It is the collapse at the perimeter of our new jungle and in the new jungle the Omega can go out with a bang.

Oh, I probably should’ve said *SPOILER ALERT* or something, shouldn’t I? My bad.
In any case, it’s a truly fantastic film (albeit spectacularly depressing) so I heartily recommend that you load up on seroxat or lithium or lustral or something and then watch this film. You will not be disappointed.

Solidarity brothers & sisters…


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