For this one we were given a sheet with a bunch of sentence-starters on, and basically just left the rest to our imagination. Here’s what emitted from my brain-nozzle:

I began to realise why they had invited me in. It was, contrary to my initial suspicions, nothing to do with my expertise, technical prowess or position of influence. Rather, they had seen in me what I had not even seen myself – a deep, long-buried affinity with their beliefs and ideals. This gradual eye-opening was shocking at first, but it soon elicited a wave of joy. A joy at having finally found my true brothers and sisters.

I lived a long way from my comrades, but it didn’t seem to bother them unduly. They would occasionally mock my clipped tones from the right side of the tracks, but it was all invariably good-natured. Actually, the ribbing put me at ease.

It started to feel second nature to be around the group, and the familiarity that inevitably comes from spending time with others did not lead to proverbial contempt. Instead, a great kinship developed, a bond of trust that felt absolutely unshakeable.

Things were different whenever I had to return to my place of work now. I felt detached from all around me, and utterly disdainful of their ignorance and arrogance. Sure, they were innocents, and some were genuinely good people, but their feckless complacency drove me to distraction.

I was only an innocent myself, looking back on it now. I had no concept of the deeds I would be compelled to carry out for this cause I had committed to. No notion of the impact these actions would have on so many others and, of course, myself.

I have never been so sure of myself as I was then. I do not apologise for it, I do not regret it. Would I do things differently? What a meaningless question – we only get one go at this life, and I am proud that I chose to spend even a small portion of it fighting for what I believed to be right.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…★

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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