The creation of oration…

Another tidbit (titbit? Buggered if I know) from the creative writing group. Here we were given several sentences for inspiration, I used a few of them:

‘The most important decision of my life was…’

‘My favourite quote is…’

‘My favourite movie is…’

‘If I could throw caution to the wind and really risk, I would…’

‘What makes me laugh is…’


He twiddled his pen nervously and pondered the enormity of the task before him. The whole group was counting on him, of that much he was certain. Nobody had made him their voice. He was not, he thought, their leader in any shape or form. Nobody had elected him or made him their official representative. There hadn’t even been a straw poll.

The most important decision of his life had been to take up this challenge. He was not obliged to do so, he could so easily have deferred or simply claimed not to have the requisite penmanship or oratorical acumen. He had known, however, that his conscience would not allow him to shirk this duty. He had spoken to one or two of the others, had gauged the atmosphere and sensed the consensus. The conclusion he had drawn was that the responsibility rested on his own shoulders. It was resting pretty heavily, no two ways about it.

He eyed the clock on the mantelpiece. Buggeration – a half hour had flown by and all he had to show for it was his favourite inspirational quote and an oblique, borderline irrelevant reference to his favourite film. Come on, come on…

He could throw caution to the winds and really risk opprobrium by ditching the whole exercise and simply speaking from the heart when the time came. The idea had considerable appeal, but there was no doubt that this was the procrastinator in him talking. Get on with it, you time-wasting bastard!

He finally put pen to paper, and began to write;
“What makes me laugh is the idea that what we propose is impossible, impractical. It is possible… All it needs is the will to make it a reality.”

He smiled, and carried on.

Solidarity brothers & sisters…

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Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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2 Responses to The creation of oration…

  1. Can I suggest, “He kept calm and carried on.”

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