Don’t Give Up The Fight

Something I knocked together in the coffee society. Give it up for caffeine, WOO!

I know how some of you are feeling right now; tired, fatigued, drained… At the very end of your tether. You feel as though you have sweat your guts out, and for what? Victory seems as far away now as it has ever been. We appear besieged, beset on all sides by an alliance of the ignorant, the malevolent, and the indolent. It would be completely understandable were you to come to the conclusion that our resistance is futile, that this is a war we cannot win, that our individual and collective efforts have been in vain.

After all, it may be too late even now. Look at the environmental situation, and at the population explosion that has occurred globally in the last half-a-century; three billion on the planet in 1959, seven billion today. If humanity were a virus, it would not be exaggerating too much were we to describe us as an out-of-control epidemic. If things have gone beyond the ecological tipping point, then we should all just go home. Try to enjoy our lives as best we can, in the sure knowledge that mankind is doomed…

The question is, is it too late? Conservative estimates put the earth’s resources at being able to comfortably provide for approximately forty billion people – if properly managed and distributed. We in this room know that Capitalism cannot responsibly and humanely fulfil this caveat. Its lopsided allocation will never be corrected by reform. Only our system has the necessary egalitarianism and efficiency to adequately produce the necessities of life in abundance for all.

And the environment? It may be too late, that is true – not for the planet, you understand, it’ll keep right on spinning through space, just as it has for four billion years. However, the obvious danger is that our actions may have already set the world on an irreversible trajectory towards being uninhabitable for future generations. I accept that this is a possibility. Nonetheless, there are grounds for optimism; even now, our astronomers and geologists are discovering far-away planets which display all the characteristics which make our blue home able to sustain life. In the US, Russia and China, funds and manpower are being surreptitiously poured into the research of terraforming. We as a species may be engaged in a race against time, but there is every chance that it is a race we can win.

If there is still a chance, even an infinitesimal one, that we can make a difference, that we can achieve our goals, that we can finally realise the dreams of our fallen comrades, we are duty-bound to give everything we have. Everything.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…☮

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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