A Formal Complaint Lettter To My Deepest, Darkest Fear

This one was take from a list of suggested topics disseminated at the creative writing group I last attended a couple of months ago.

Dear abomination,

It has come to my attention over the last few days that you have returned from a recent period of leave. I had been under the impression that your abhorrent self would be ending your stay in the dungeon-esque recesses of my mind to begin the search for a new, more vulnerable and innocent soul to torment. Clearly, this was naivety on my part. I should never have been so misguided as to think that a festering turd of malingering horror such as yourself would be so easy to expunge from my life. This is a mistake I must rectify forthwith.

I am giving you proper advance warning. Notice, if you will. It is my intention to utterly, completely and conclusively destroy you. It is no exaggeration to say that you are the root cause of everything that is wrong with my life, every ill-conceived notion and every wrong-headed decision owing itself to your malevolent influence. It is not hyperbole to call you the godfather of all that has denuded my sense of self and my confident outlook. It is not overstating the case to give the monikor, ‘Mother of Nightmares’. So, I will annihilate you.

I am afraid. Of course I am. That is your genius. Your very presence elicits the feeling that makes it hard, harder with every day, to struggle against you. Anxiety, thy name is you. With every defeat you have engineered in my personal life, you have made yourself all the more powerful while simultaneously making me weaken. I hate you for that. I hate you with every fibre of my being and every inch of my soul. I hate you more than I hate mosquitos, wasps, snakes, death and the devil, if there is such a creature. I hate you more than any single horror you could imagine. So, I will obliterate you.

All the experiences I wanted to have, that you and your corrupting voices prevent me from enjoying… How many jobs did you stop me from applying for? How many holidays did you prevent me from taking? How many relationships did you hold me back from? How many places did you keep me from going? I will never know what kind of colour my life might have had were it not to your malign brainwashing. I would cry…but my tears have all dried up. Now, I am resolute. Now, I am certain. Now, I am strong.

So, I will exterminate you.

Yours in loathing,

Guardian of the Mind

Solidarity brothers & sisters…☤

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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