Straight up Hemingway shit.

Left after all these days. I happen again.

I was asked how I drove my brother insane. “What?!” I did not know to what they referred. Saville and I go along with all the ridiculous accusations the attendant shrinks and their minions hurl at us, but that doesn’t make any of the more outlandish questions any easier to field. All the time they look for magic answers. Saville spends all the cockles of my Irish heart, shitin’ on about unemployment or in fear of the sodding line-up… “It does NOT make sense that I would drive my brother insane!”

Oh, and Christmas songs each, for obvious reasons. Obvious reasons as far as our masters are concerned, at any rate. This place might as well have a banner; “Another shining moment of impressive idiocy tonight from 7.30 tonight til bout 3pm”. It would be somewhat more honest. Given a lotta things though, must be said. Dan Snow on Twitter! Kick it. Where was I?

That sounds weird, Nic. He’s off to the rank and file, marching with no future. Then? Just stay home for the first. What was the point? It was all his licence to dress up, didn’t have any arduous work to concentrate on. Slightly undermined by the EDL, weren’t it? Ended up with a sentence as his status.

So either I’m sure I didn’t drive him mad, or else…courtesy of my ambition, I’d been fixing him up in the head from the start. Seriously though, fair play, Bob Costas! Weirdly, I was trying to make his life more bearable. Genuinely. No way that…speaking of the diallers…a likely story.

Next I’m asked if I don’t actually want total humiliation, and am told how much easier things can get. Now fuck, I was leading most if not all of ’em on – if Africa were allowed to kill the white man, and bumped into my messianic complex construction of a ballot paper… You can see what would happen. I might be the one they call insane, but who’s now taking the USA at their word?

“You’re really tampering with the panache of an exceptionally dubious individual.” This was more like it. I felt the power and the certainty return. Flowing through. They realised too. “I’ll get a proper Lone Ranger film made…” No. Once again the fog returned. I could see their faces relax once more, their momentarily taut muscles untense. Who knows? Saville often got the same reaction. After everything, we both knew that clearly I’m not…

Think. She said it was lemsip, though total bankruptcy, economically, the next month occurred. Getting my hopes up… It had come to this! Not a million dead during the game… The eyes of anyone like myself were shining with delight, not at the return of the former Soviet Union. I was getting the original Trot’s run, it was hilarious.

Less than 3 weeks later, no statement from German television about why you… Man, I could justifiably have done what you did. I still could do, one day. How can Saville always seem able to handle ’em? They would punish him, and us, all the same. ‘Football cancelled due to so and so…’ They couldn’t break him. Seriously, I was genuinely beginning to think it was worse for the White Clothes actually…

That’s enough for now. When I brush them off I have to throw in a bit of paraphrasing, ya know how it is. Been tryin’ to review… I penned a bit, hidin’ an’ gettin’ all weepy. I miss Nic. My брат. What spineless apologists of teams reared these men up? Over whom did the gratuitous cocksucking in empty joy surround?

‘Cos I’m suffering what could indeed be bloomin’ hell.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…

*Partially put together using #WWIS*


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Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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