Behemoth-eaten in Scar City

Tendrils wrapped around every pillar of interaction. No space left to call safe. Privacy now a distant memory. Every breath measured, every utterance analysed, every thought policed. Orwell’s predictions now woefully quaint. The dystopian visions of the past a fairytale compared to the marketable reality of the present. Escape a hilarious joke. Death the only release. To sleep perchance to dream? To sleep perchance to evade dreams filled with focus-grouped product placement. Squeeze your eyes shut. Jam your fingers so far into your ears that the drums rupture. You will find no release.

You will never be free. You will never be free. You will never be free.

‘Vee haff vays off may-keeng yew calm…’ Pop pills for the quietude, play videogames for the achievement, watch X Factor for the schadenfreude, drink booze for the distraction. Create lusts and desires to fill the gaps left by mind-numbing soul-destroying tedium. Set about fulfilling them, however temporarily. Transient the satisfaction, but its presence a welcome relief.

Sometimes… Eyes meet. Mutual acknowledgment. This is out of hand. Solutions aired, opinions sought, optimism courted. No progress. No change. No revolution. Words drifting into the winter air. A prayer thrown up against the night. Not alone, but still lonely. Surrounded by humanity, struck by its inhumane direction. Angry at everyone and no-one. Those bastards!…but then, they are compelled by a systematic imperative. How can be free ourselves from our cuffs when we don’t even know who possesses the keys?

Rambling. Mumbling. Muttering.

Nonsense. Gibberish. Bullshit.

Every ideal twisted. Every principle discarded. Every soul for sale.

A frightening acquiescence to the destruction of everything that has ever been, and everything that ever will be.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…  

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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