The deepest man has dived under the Earth’s oceans is about 11 kilometres.

4 times have descents reached this limit.

They have never discovered us. How can they, when we do not wish to be found?


Our history is as murky as the depths to which we are accustomed. All I can tell you is what we now are; a species adapted to survive in the cold recesses of the world’s seas, with evolutionary mutations which combine to make us the food chain’s apex predator. Unlike the omnivorous humans, we have learned to achieve a harmonious equilibrium with our environment and so, over millennia, we have cultivated our habitat without disturbing those above the waves…

In a sense, we and the humans are probably related. There is no evidence to suggest when the ‘fork in the road’ occurred, but the similarities in our biological make-up and simply too many to be ignored; the head, the arms, two eyes, mouth, even a nose… All arranged in a manner virtually identical to our land-borne cousins. We are bigger though; an average of 6 feet long and 20 stone, with some achieving a length of 10 feet and weights of over 25 stone. This is mostly comprised of blubber, necessary in order to insulate our bodies from the tempematures of between 1 and 4 degrees celsius.

Our eyes, in order to see in these parts of the world that no rays can penetrate, are larger and capable of emitting light via bioluminescence. Our nasal passages contain electromagnetic gel and numerous sonar-receptor pores that aid us in our spacial awareness. This gives us a radar-like picture of everything in a 360 degree radius, for distances of up to 10 kilometres. Put simply, we have the best detection system of anything, anywhere…localised entirely within our visage.

We, as aquatic mammals, have a tail, along with fins we are able to utilise for extremely precise, swift movements. These fins can even give us a certain amount of mobility on terra firma, but such a scenario is rare to the point of non-existence. Certainly, I myself have never ventured onto the coastline of any landmass, and I know of only a few comrades who have taken such a risk.

It is difficult for us to understand the divisions humanity has enforced upon itself in terms of skin colour, sexuality, and so on. Our body tones vary, but a deep-gray, dark-blue, indigo colour predominates. We are pansexual beasts, whose libidinous urges and desires are taken to be no different from those of hunger or thirst. The thirst… I should not have mentioned the thirst.

This is just a warning. STAY AWAY. We have spent eons avoiding contact with your kind, and believe me when I say that this was not for our benefit. The damage you are doing to the climate of our planet cannot continue. We do not know why you insist on polluting and destroying so much of this ecosystem, and we do not care. All that matters is that you STOP. We can live off the sea, there is plenty to quench our voracious appetites, but if you continue to encroach on what is our reservation… Exsanguination will occur.

Once that begins, not even we will be able to stop it.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…


About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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