Social Media Entries of Gogolian Proles


That moment when you remember that those mock-Tetraheedrin mansions are still a thing… Enough to make you puke.

Did I ever mention that I can’t cook? If you’ve know me long enough, I’m sure I have – then again, if you’ve known me long enough I probably haven’t needed to! Last year’s Festival Feast was my high point, I think. My piéce de resistance. Have you ever seen a party of ten dry-heaving simultaneously before taking turns projectile-vomiting into the coal-scuttle?
Tis quite a sight.


What can happen in a second…

Our mammalian brains, imperfect as they are, cannot conceive of all that can be wrought in one, single, second. A solitary second was all it took for Marshal Wallcock to sign the Treaty condemning millions of Gogolians to servitude. In that infinitesimal moment, an entire nation went from liberty to bondage. What can happen in a single second?
Only the final shackling of your chains.


Another independence day, another riot… Better than the fireworks we used to have, imho! Honestly, I wish they’d just let it go. We lost. Get over it. I miss the old Gogolia as much as the next codger, but give it a rest.


Scorched earth. Two words that carry a wealth of information about the boundless destruction meted out to my people…our people. Our land, our home, set ablaze and ruined for generations – perhaps forever.

You…are the last surviving example of the unique flora which flourished during the epochs of abundance in our mother country. Please; do not succumb. We need, so badly, desperately, something to keep alive the memory of what we have lost…of what was taken from us.

Hold on.


Whatever happened the Wall Cock? He was some bollix.


Solidarity, brothers & sisters…

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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