Together, the ants will conquer the elephant

“This…global assault…on the poorest peoples of the world. It is no new thing. It has been going on for centuries, millennia even. Developmental leaps in our technology and organisation sped up the process, but it was already occurring. From the moment our ancestors went from living off the land to living on the land…this desire, this need, this compulsion to secure for ourselves the greatest possible degree of wealth and security has been to the detriment of those around us. The Industrial Revolution – or should I say, Revolutions – ratcheted up the efficiency of property redistribution, and the bourgeois Revolutions of socio-political significance in France, America, Russia, Britain, Italy, Germany…these propelled the legal justification for the great movement of capital.

Peace…is impossible. So long as the ones with economic power – the rich – and their friends, their lackeys, their patsies with political power retain control of the world’s resources…there can be only conflict. Either outright, with violent confrontations between the haves and have-nots, or through the death of a thousand cuts, the micro-aggressions and micro-resistances that take place every day, every hour, every minute, everywhere on Earth. Every…combustion…brings us seemingly ever-closer to armageddon – to the total destruction of our species.

It is…an illusion. The few cannot drain the life of the many indefinitely – for one thing, there must eventually come a tipping point. It is to our eternal shame and chagrin that we have not experienced it yet, in spite of the fact that thousands die every day as a direct result of this iniquity. The derision from our descendants will be vicious, and so it should be. However, we can take heart that this beast of burden that lies atop of us, will inevitably collapse due to its own appetites. This elephant seems to crush the rest of us like mere ants, yes – but remember what happens to that giant, once the tiny insects organise themselves; the elephant kills thousands, even millions, but in the end…their numbers will prevail. And he will be eaten to the bone.”

The students looked impassive. A few yawned. The more earnest ones in the audience scribbled furiously into their notebooks – mostly concerned as to whether or not the lecturer’s speech contained crucial morsels that would appear on the test.

One or two, though…they had a fire lit inside them. Even if only one out of this audience of a few hundred college freshers were inspired, well…

It starts with one.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…  

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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