Telly’s Next Big Thing

The format was genius. Plus it was dirt cheap and addictive as hell. The hard part was the release agreements…but most people are so eye-wateringly desperate to be on television that they’ll sign anything and rarely read the legalese fine print – even if they’re able to.

Arranging for a couple of antagonistic shits to be in the same lift at the same time proved to be an absolute piece of piss; tell ’em we’ve a ‘great opportunity’ that we want to talk to them about, and they come to heel faster than your dog at dinner time. Ya have to make sure the thing is indestructible of course – can’t have the aspiring stars breaking out of the place! Disaster. Once the families and friends are in on the joke, all ya need do is prep the set, make sure your stream is working, and wait for the fireworks.

Name was a bit shit though; I pitched ‘Loathe in an Elevator’, but the stuffy Execs reckoned that it wouldn’t play well with the under-30 demographic – “The younger crowd just won’t get it, Caleb” – so they went with ‘Pushing Buttons’. Fuck do they know? Still, I was overruled, so ‘Pushing Buttons’ it was.

What happens when you put two people, who hate eachother, in an elevator for 12 hours?
TV gold, my son. TV gold.

Or possibly just lots of this…

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…★★★★★

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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