Three Points of View

A big, raucous house party of drunken high-school students. We examine the scene from the perspective of three individuals concerning the incident; one of the teens attending the party, a police officer called to the scene, and a parent of one of the teens.

“We were just chillin’, ya know? Felt so good to be done with school for the summer, nothin’ to do but party, so everyone was jus’ lettin’ their hair down… I remember Todd and Makenzi were makin’ out near that weird pool ornament that looked like like a…like a…like a troll crossed with an elephant or somethin’. Anyway,  it was so funny, and everybody was just howling at them… We never even heard the cops bust into the place and then – like, WHOOMPF – everything went to shit. They were everywhere, hollerin’ and yellin’… Todd was face-down on the ground, Makenzi was flailin’ around in the pool, and all the howls had turned to screams…”
– Jason ‘Jace’ Delancey, 11th Grader, San Miguel High School, Trumpton, CA

“Let me make one thing crystal clear; we rang, knocked and shouted our presence for almost 15 minutes prior to entering the property. They couldn’t hear us over the din they were making. Probable cause? There could have been drugs, gambling, under-age sex – hell, it turned out there was under-age drinking – so we were well within our purview to act in the manner in which we did… When I saw that kid – Todd Carlton – sexually assaulting my lil sister , well, I just kicked into overdrive. I have no problem admitting it – my training just took over. My fellow officers followed my lead and we shut the whole thing down in less than 90 seconds. How’s that for professional conduct? I’m proud of the contribution we made to peace and justice that night.”
– Andrew McAuliffe, Sergeant, Trumpton Police Department, CA

“Look, I’m still waiting on legal counsel but…the whole thing was a shitstorm. Total mess. You get me? The only junkies around that evening were the fist-pumping ‘roid-ragers in uniform – running around, smashing everything up, behaving like wild gorillas. Don’t quote me on that. You can bet I will be looking for the City of Trumpton to pay Todd’s medical bills, I can tell you that… Since when has kissing between teens been illegal, huh? That’s a new one on me. Yeah, the kids were drinking – and we’ll be talkin’ to our boy about that, you rest assured – but isn’t it safer in the house? Seriously, I’m asking you; do you honestly expect under-21’s not to let off a little steam?”
– Alexander G. Carlton, Senior Accountant, Mitchell Merchandising, Trumpton, CA

Solidarity, brothers & sisters… 

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