With Apologies to Saul Williams…

…and all rappers and, indeed, all People of Colour. I only wrote this as it was prompted by an entry in a book my partner gave to me for Christmas, a book called ‘642 Things To Write About’: “Write the lyrics of a rap song. They must include a cop, a bad drug bust, and a dog.”

For what it’s worth, my rap name is CHEW’EM – Cis Het English-speaking White Educated Male. I’m not sure if that makes the following better or worse. Regardless, enjoy all the cringing you are about to experience!

We Want Bloodhounds

It’s been thirty-some years since we started to rap,
Our records never changed nothin’…so cut the crap,
Boots Riley, Chuck D, Tupac and now Lupe
Been tryin’ to raise your consciousness with the truth;
We still on the outside of a life that is peaceful,
We still on the inside of jail cells – unequal.
Getting gunned down by cops and white supremacists,
Getting sent down for drug busts – it’s injustice.
We need guard dogs, ones with plenty of bite,
Rottweilers, bulldogs, wolfhounds – full of fight.
Only then can we begin to see freedom –
We’re the dogs we need,
We’re the dogs that’re teethin’…


I did my best, alright?

This one goes out to Big Boi, Dead Prez, MIA, Lowkey, K’Naan, Street Sweeper Social Club, Emcee Lynx, The Roots, Immortal Technique, and, of course, Gil Scott-Heron… Peace ✌

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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