As is widely known, Freud was big on dream analysis. Me, I reckon most dreams can be written off as the purging of unwanted or unneeded data by the brain, or as some sort of random cycling of imagery during the process of sleep. However, recurring dreams are another thing entirely; these clearly have some sort of significance, as they represent a pattern of thought. Any pattern of thought has to be examined, as it likely indicates the individual’s deeply-held beliefs, fears or hopes.

I was compelled to write this by one particular recurring dream, the most recent of which I had last night. In this dream, for whatever reason, I am back at the King’s Hospital as a student. Rather than being transported back in time though, I am my current age – as are all my old peers. At first, everything seems normal, as if it is a perfectly ordinary occurrence for a bunch of 30 year olds to be back in secondary school! Nonetheless, as the dream progresses the sense of displacement and schism grows, and with it a feeling of latent terror.

In this latest dream, Nanette and a few of her friends were chatting near the front entrance, outside the bursar’s office, and she enthusiastically greeted me, pointing out that an old friend of ours had become a prefect. This ‘old friend’ was called Mel or Kim in the dream (we never had a fellow student of that name), but she resembled a girl from our year called Susan so I wasn’t too thrown. I caught a glimpse of a lad we knew, Luke, in the front entrance so I quickly went over to say hello, but in the few strides I realised how weird the whole situation was; my age, the fact that I shouldn’t be in school etc. That was when I instead decided to walk out the front door, and once outside began to run.

Then I woke up.

There’s more to it than that, but I always have the problem upon waking of not being able to adequately sort and communicate all the detritus of the unconscious experience. It’s incredibly frustrating. Anyway, if you have any theories of explanations as to why I keep having these dreams of being back at school, please throw them my way!

Solidarity, brothers & sisters… -.-

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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