Social Minefield

Conversation is a test. Always. An exam which you can fail at any moment. The key, I find, is to get into the mindset of not really giving a shit about any of the stuff you say; just fling every thought you have into the ether and see what happens. Weighing the consequences will only weigh you down – and your chances of chatting in an entertaining fashion will sink like a stone.

‘Think before you speak’? That spells disaster for any budding conversationalist. A moment’s pause to consider the right words can turn into an awkward silence with alarming alacrity. That agonising quiet, wherein you slowly die a thousands deaths while desperately searching for anything to air, is to us what Raid is to wasps – poison to be avoided at all costs.

‘Choose your words carefully’? This is the mantra of the strong, silent type. Don’t be that type – most people just deem him a weirdo. Those of us desperate to keep the back and forth flowing, we prefer to talk loudly and incessantly. It doesn’t matter what you say – just say SOMETHING.

In the words Robert Frost, “Have nothing to say and keep on saying it”.

I don’t know…but I haven’t posted anything in a while so… Enjoy!

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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