Jannah, Tian, Mbiguni

Tumbleweeds dripping acid blow through the streets. At every other intersection is an emaciated husk you’d think is that of a corpse until it begins to turn, watching you as you pass. The remnants of bodies are strewn hither and thither, almost stripped bare by the voracious vultures and rapacious rats who make up the most numerous inhabitants of this merry place. Radioactive dust clouds appear without warning, turning the day black as night before vanishing as swiftly as they’d swept in. The sewers, no more disgusting than the surface they drain, are home to what passes for humanity. Each alleyway has its own idiosyncratic pile of refuse, with streams of effluent running like repugnant rivers through the gutters. The foolhardy and the fanatical are the only people who venture outside, but even most of them wear noseclamps underneath their requisite gasmasks –  such is the paralysing power of the inescapable smell.

Yet, the refugees continue to arrive. The faithful continue their pilgrimage. The damned continue seeking asylum. They keep coming to this realm; this metropolis called ‘Heaven’.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…


About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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