Fee for Services Rendered

What sets me apart from my fellow professionals is the length I go to satisfy my clients. The price paid is tied to the degree of justice meted out upon the target. Specifically; the more the mark suffers prior to his or her expiration, the higher the fee. Contract assassins as a rule ensure their health & safety by minimising the risk involved, therefore relatively few of my competitors are willing to draw out a kill – especially to the extent that I offer.

As you can imagine, this unique selling point has made me an attractive proposition for those in the market for termination. Frankly, I have enjoyed a lucrative level of business since first embarking on this course of action. Customers looking for a fulfilling amount of vengeance are often willing to pay handsomely to see their needs met…and they literally do see their needs met.

The idea first came to me while in college. No, hired killers are not required to go through tertiary education, no qualifications are necessary – aside, perhaps, from physical fortitude, personal initiative and an adequate disregard for the so-called ‘sanctity’ of human life. My experience at university came before I had decided to follow my current vocation. At any rate, during a Film Studies course, I became familiar with GoPro cameras.

So that’s how I film my takedowns.

Utilising these wonderful gizmos, I provide my clients with raw, unfiltered footage of their enemy’s death, proof that he or she did not escape this world painlessly. It would be a lie if I claimed not to take a great deal of satisfaction from my work. I like to think of myself as simultaneously a murderer and moviemaker, a maestro of the macabre.

If I had to describe my services in a word? Sumptuous.

You will not regret availing of my assistance.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…$

About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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