Asamoah loved school at that age – though that never stopped him from trying to kid his mama into letting him stay home once in a while! Once she had found his sleeping face so cute that she had been unable to bring herself to wake him…and thus, for the next week or so, he would pretend to be asleep every morning in hopes that he could swing another day off! On other occasions, he’d give out a pitiful cough, or groan and clutch his stomach in a performance worthy of an Academy award…but Chanelle Boateng was no mug, and never fell for any such shenanigans. Her son didn’t really mind, giving a laugh and a good-natured shrug at having been foiled once more, before trotting off to P.S. 77.

There were few boys as popular as Asamoah in the school. He had a multitude of friends and, though not the most gifted scholar or athlete, his teachers without exception agreed that he was a social climber. Nobody doubted his prospects, nor his application; he enjoyed his homework, loved testing his brain, even quizzes and tests didn’t strike the same fear into him that they did some of his classmates. A few of his peers may have envied his relaxed, come-what-may attitude, but in truth he was so likable that it was impossible for anyone to begrudge his fortune for too long.

No question; the future of Asamoah Boateng was very bright indeed


At the Chicano County Criminal Court today, a Mr. A Boateng (43) of no fixed address was found Guilty of two counts of Aggravated Assault and one count of Attempted Arson. A jury of his peers took just over two hours to reach their unanimous verdicts, and were thanked by Judge Roy Sealey for their dedicated public service during the trial, which lasted approximately eight days.

Boateng – no stranger to the criminal justice system after previously serving a three-year custodial sentence for possession, as well as two other suspended sentences for minor misdemeanours – gave no hint of emotion as the verdicts were read out by the Foreman. However, he did give a slight shake of the head as Judge Sealey remarked upon his prior interactions with Officers of the law.

Boateng’s counsel, Attorney John J. Clifford, later gave a short statement to the press on behalf of his client, excerpts of which were as follows;
“Asamoah [Boateng] begins his average day at noon, noon at the earliest, as a result of the large quantities of medication he is required to take for physical and mental anguish. With only the most rudimentary insurance cover available to him, my client has found the cost of these pharmaceutical necessities prohibitive. Combined with his low earning power in the labour market, this forced Asamoah into more and more drastic measures in a desperate attempt to acquire funds. This in no way exonerates my client from the harm he has caused others, but it reflects the reality of life for him and many others like him in our bloated prison industrial complex.”

Sentencing will be held at Chicano District Court in around a fortnight’s time.


Solidarity, brothers & sisters…

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