A Song For Each Decade

If every 10 years you spent alive had to be accompanied by a solitary anthem, what tunes would you choose for the soundtrack of your life thus far?

Obviously it’s an absolute nightmare of a question; there’s way too many songs, and way too many experiences, and way waaaaaay too much to get across with a piece of music that probably lasts less than 5 minutes. Plus, I’m only 32, so this will be less of a ‘soundtrack’ and more of an EP. Still, unless you’ve got something else planned for the next few minutes, have a read while I give it a bash.

Firstly, I’m gonna treat them as calendar decades. Is that the term? Fuck it. So even though I was only alive for the second half of the 80’s, it’s getting its own song. That way I pick 4 tracks rather than 3; 80’s, 90’s, Noughties…and whatever this decade is called. Teens? That can’t be right, it includes 2011 and 2012… The decade from 2010 to 2019, then.

That’ll do, to begin with. Bunch of Anglo-Irish fellas from Camden, with charm, charisma and a fuckload of instruments to create a big, bold sound. GOD, I sound so STUPID. Anyway, the lyrics properly convey what it was like, if I remember correctly – which is a big ‘if’ given a) how long ago it was, and b) how ickle I was – living in a suburban semidetached in South London with a big family.

Yep, they’re all gonna involve fucking houses. Got a problem with that? Good. So in late 1989 our family upped sticks and crossed the Irish Sea to live in County Dublin. Our new place was right next to a farm, with plenty of cows and the like… Hell, by the end of the 90’s we had a veritable animal farm ourselves; 3 dogs, 2 cats, a horse, a donkey, a pony & the pony’s foal. Mental. Great craic though.

Ah, the years of 15 to 25. Mopey, anxious, self-obsessed, depressed, socially awkward dreadfulness. Lots of romantic fuck-uppery, and lots of appropriate whinyness to go with it. Mind you, my Dad also died in this period so I guess it’s a little understandable that I wasn’t the Mae West. Still, the Arsenal won 3 FA Cups, 2  Premiership titles and went 49 league games unbeaten…but I don’t have a song for that.

Granted, there’s still at least 2 years left of this decade but whatevs. It’s my list, I do what I want. The playlist, admittedly, appears to be painfully white and male, when you look back over it, but what can ya do. Ya likes what ya likes. This song’s a great one for helping to cope with shit times which, given my stays in psychiatric hospital, were quite prominent at the start of the Elevensietwelveteens. Then I met my now-fiancé, and things got a hella better hella quickly…and what did/does she have tattooed on her foot? This Too Shall Pass.

Solidarity, brothers & sisters…


About Seba Roux

Gooner, Socialist, Historian, Slacker. That's pretty much all you need to know.
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