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Sylvia Pankhurst on the 1916 Rising

Originally posted on the irish revolution:
Sylvia Pankhurst was a leader of the struggle for women’s right to vote in Britain.  Primarily involved in organising working class women in the East End of London, she was increasingly attracted to Marxism.…

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Nothing’s ever on

CLICK “…you. That. Yes, that. The thing in your bloody hand, what do you think I mean?! Anyhow…fuck is it for? All you little bastards have it now – carryin’ it around like it’s a status symbol, or badge of … Continue reading

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Superficial Reflections in Berlin – Part I

Ages since I wrote anything in here. Terrible stuff altogether. I’ve been distracted with, in order; preparing to emigrate, settling into our new home upon emigrating, watching all of Euro 2016, playing PS4. Note absolutely no mention of a job … Continue reading

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How Left Remain Campaigners Sold Out the Working Class: Lesser Evilism in the EU Referendum

Originally posted on Leicester Socialist Students:
There are few illusions about the reformability of the EU on the left, even amongst those campaigning for Remain. Paul Mason has stated that “it is impossible for the EU to be a democracy”.…

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We’ve come a long way, crazy…

As recently as the mid-20th Century, psychiatry was in its infancy. A lot of ideas had to be thrown out, shot down and discredited before scientific, medical and therapeutic practice became humane and effective. Therefore it is perhaps normal to … Continue reading

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Raw Nerves

You don’t know what it’s like in my head, living every day afraid. That’s no fault of yours, it’s just a statement of fact. Unless you’re a psychic or something…and I’m reasonably sure that they don’t exist. Given that reality, … Continue reading

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There is a vibrancy to the last throes of visionary sleep that cannot easily be explained. Striking in its urgency, the unconcious mind’s purpose in providing invariably pulsating images is unclear, but it nonetheless offers an affirmation of existence by … Continue reading

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