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Kicked to Death

The middle-aged punk beside me was talking to nobody in particular, but served to explain what was going on for the benefit of all the rest of us baffled onlookers. “Johnny ‘The Horse’, that is”. Nobody had actually asked the … Continue reading

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A Song For Each Decade

If every 10 years you spent alive had to be accompanied by a solitary anthem, what tunes would you choose for the soundtrack of your life thus far? Obviously it’s an absolute nightmare of a question; there’s way too many … Continue reading

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Revolution Time

Revolution Time, C’mon my Comrades – We’re goin’ to form a Workers’ space With SebtheRed And Bonny LeBon, Class War never ends, Revolution Time! Yes, this was just a thinly-veiled excuse to post the following images (made by other, more … Continue reading

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XVth International Button

This story fragment is fifty-fifty; half-true, half-fiction. I used some artistic licence so if there is any misrepresentation I unreservedly apologise. The topic in the creative writing class which prompted the story was, ‘A gift is left for you on … Continue reading

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Max Romeo – Socialism is Love

Was looking for the lyrics for this via Google but nobody seems to have posted them…so I figured I might as well do so myself. If I’ve made any errors please point them out so’s I can correct ’em. You’re … Continue reading

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