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Three On The Wagon

The show was partially funded by Aware Drinking, so you knew it was going to be pants. Anything with that much of a social message to promote would always be on the wrong side of mediocre, and anyone who says … Continue reading

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Olympian bummer

Septimus. The seventh. Destined for greatness… Destined for grapeness more like! Ahem. By that I meant that I have a little problem with that addictive creation of Dionysus’ known as ‘wine’. It’s just so orgasmically delicious, alright? I don’t think … Continue reading

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Furry, cloudy, foggy, blurry, fuzzy… All could easily describe how he was perceiving the world at that precise moment. It was a level of jaded tension he hadn’t reached in quite some time. He had gone well beyond shattered, and … Continue reading

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