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Three On The Wagon

The show was partially funded by Aware Drinking, so you knew it was going to be pants. Anything with that much of a social message to promote would always be on the wrong side of mediocre, and anyone who says … Continue reading

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Dinner Improv

Cooking is pretty alien to me, and I avoid it if at all possible. However, circumstances have challenged me to concoct some sort of soup dish from the various odds an’ sods that are lying about my kitchen, so I … Continue reading

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10 Things to do in an Emergency…

…as devised by a sufferer of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. 1.Panic: Begin internally, by chewing the inside of your mouth. The sustenance will give you the energy required to proceed through the ensuing steps. 2.Curl up into a ball: This is … Continue reading

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میں اچار میں ہوں

Bit of a pickle. Massive pickle. Monster pickle. The kind of pickle that would make an excellent antagonist in a trashy 1950’s sci-fi B movie. A pickle of gigantic proportions. Dunno how I got myself into this epic pickle, but … Continue reading

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Transfer Window

Dear Mr & Mrs Hughton, As you have no doubt learned by now, your son Cathal has decided to seek pastures new. Beech Park Under-11’s regret this turn of events, particularly as it means that we shall now have to … Continue reading

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A Tragedy of Tardiness

Wind whistled through the Doctor’s wispy white hair. The sense of release flooded through him, filling him with the ecstasy of liberation. One, last, deep intake of air… He jumps. In this one most of almost weightless freedom, Dr. Rackenbach … Continue reading

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What His Desk Thinks About At Night

He and his missus have lived in this room over a year, and he still hasn’t cleaned me. Just dumps all his crap on my head, like I’m some sort of shelf. Hey, bozo, I’m here to be worked on! … Continue reading

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