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The Trickling Sads of Time

With every passing second, we grow further from our birth and closer to our demise. There’s an upbeat thought for you. From the age we are first able to create memories, we are building a tail – a tail of … Continue reading

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Polite Conversation At Dinner

Big family. Big table. Big opinions. Big voices. Big arguments. Dad slowly having a meltdown as he realises how much of his hard-earned money is being greedily shoveled into his brood’s ungrateful faces. Mom shushing his nervous remonstrations while she … Continue reading

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East of Bull

When Ossie jetted over to stay with his sister in February of 2001, it was the first time in his life that he had travelled alone. Understandably, the teenager was excited but anxious at the prospect. He particularly looked forward … Continue reading

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His Mother’s Killer

“Let’s go through this one more time, just to make sure we’re clear”. With closed eyes, a downcast expression, and a palm pressed against her forehead, Officer Winterburn was a picture of muted exasperation. The man to whom she made … Continue reading

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What must he look like to them?

Gazing around the table at those present was most informative. To Tsuchinoko, they were like a weird, jumbled-up family, or perhaps an unimpressive circus troupe. He smiled as he idly wondered what their performing roles would be. Commandant Nora…she’d be … Continue reading

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A Song For Each Decade

If every 10 years you spent alive had to be accompanied by a solitary anthem, what tunes would you choose for the soundtrack of your life thus far? Obviously it’s an absolute nightmare of a question; there’s way too many … Continue reading

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Otherwise Occupied

Yuppies, maybe? Wealthy types, anyway. Definitely bourgeois. That’s one thing that’s an absolute certainty. They might be a family; working dad, in his 40’s or 50’s, away a lot of the time because his job makes a lot of demands … Continue reading

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