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More Shameful to Distrust than to Deceive

Rory and Brendan, sharing a few beers and more than a few laughs. Just like old times. They’d fallen out now and again, lost touch for a couple of years after college – who doesn’t? – but in eachother’s presence … Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Dream, Dennis

Was Dennis excited? You bet your sweet ass he was. He had never been to see his beloved Barcelona play, and by chance had finally been given the opportunity to do so; mere days before they took on AC Milan … Continue reading

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Scat Men

“There’s no time, JUST SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!” Dave’s expression at that moment was just priceless. Both myself and Simon cracked up immediately, as he stared in frozen consternation at the pizza slice he held before him. Perfectly, a … Continue reading

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