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Three eyesore apartment blocks. One laundromat, ironically the filthiest establishment in town. A garage with an overworked mechanic. An underutilized library, with no books published after 1975. Two greasy diners, on either edge of the dustbowl – rumour has it … Continue reading

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Someone had to be first

How many days has it been since last I caught a fish? Long enough that I’m giving serious consideration to eating my own hair. Before I resort to that, there are a number of other…unsavoury options. Why has it come … Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Dream, Dennis

Was Dennis excited? You bet your sweet ass he was. He had never been to see his beloved Barcelona play, and by chance had finally been given the opportunity to do so; mere days before they took on AC Milan … Continue reading

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Seb’s Top 5 Films of 2016

While in 2015 I managed to see far fewer films released that year than in 2014, this past 12 months made even those efforts look stellar. Partly because my partner & I emigrated halfway through 2016, and partly because I … Continue reading

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Pity the Privileged, Doomed from Birth

Affecting a detached, haughty air, Dame Bianca D’Ellolio listened to the muffled, low roar approaching. It reminded her of the weekends spent near the source of the Capital’s river, playing amongst the reeds with her sisters, being pleasantly bored to … Continue reading

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Warding off the usual Worries

I hate these bays. I feel so exposed. They are completely open – that’s sort of the point – and anyone can just wander past and look at all the inhabitants. No privacy at all. Combine that with the hourly … Continue reading

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The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go

This past week it was announced that the next release in the Battlefield franchise will be set in the Great War, a period hitherto under-explored in video games. While this had been rumoured for some time, due to leaks and … Continue reading

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