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3 Anxious Men

In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a trio of naval officers were forced to contemplate the use of their nuclear armament. Such was this standoff between superpowers, the most tense period of the Cold War, that the launch … Continue reading

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The Vatican Pimpernel

A more motley collection of individuals could not possibly have been assembled. Across Europe, a network was created that included in its ranks some of the most unlikely figures; communists, priests, two Free French secret agents, a few escaped Prisoners … Continue reading

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Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Raccoon City. Dunwall. Rapture. The Master League. Los Santos. The Ishimura. Aperture Science Laboratories. The Animus. Rivet City. Windhelm. Kyrat. Liberty City. Black Mesa. Lytton. Malden. City 17. Ragnarok. Memorens. Shadow Moses. Jacinto City. Steelport. Nuevo Paraiso. Greenvale. Wellspring. The … Continue reading

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Kicked to Death

The middle-aged punk beside me was talking to nobody in particular, but served to explain what was going on for the benefit of all the rest of us baffled onlookers. “Johnny ‘The Horse’, that is”. Nobody had actually asked the … Continue reading

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Raging Against the Dying of the Light

With just seven days left of his life, Frederick Grainger was an unremarkable man. He had spent much of his thirty years up to that point unemployed, sleeping on the sofas of friends, getting into bar fights, struggling with depression, … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Medical Invention

A leech, a bedbug and a mosquito go into a bar. They all order the same drink and, even though they have to pierce the skin of their prey in order to sup, all leave with their thirst quenched. Their … Continue reading

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Another world is possible…

Went to a creative writing class for the first time, and the above was the title I chose for my debut composition. We were provided with 4 sample sentences, then given 7 minutes to write a story or poem inspired … Continue reading

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