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Words They Never Said

This page is about those quotations that circle around social media, and even news articles, opinion pieces and the like, that everyone takes as gospel truth despite the fact that they are almost certainly misattributed. Which, I suppose, makes you … Continue reading

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The Last Son of Heaven

He moved in with his sister, and got a job as a street-sweeper. As was characteristic of his forgetfulness, he somehow managed to get lost on his first day. Seeking help, this seemingly-ordinary urban worker doubtless dumbfounded passers-by when he told them the following… Continue reading

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History is full of bad situations that turned out for the best. You could even argue that the entire human experience has been one of bad situations turning out for the best, or good situations turning out for the worst. … Continue reading

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The Vatican Pimpernel

A more motley collection of individuals could not possibly have been assembled. Across Europe, a network was created that included in its ranks some of the most unlikely figures; communists, priests, two Free French secret agents, a few escaped Prisoners … Continue reading

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First Fight

In Junior and Senior infants, we weren’t allowed to bring drinks out to the yard during break time. Why? I had no idea. Still don’t. Possibly something to do with litter. Judging from the emphasis in Primary School, litter was … Continue reading

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Kept the faith. Kept indoors. Kept my head up. Kept an eye on it. Kept making mistakes. Kept my arms inside the window at all times. Kept my scars. Kept lucky. Kept unemployed. Kept demons at bay. Kept procrastinating. Kept … Continue reading

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An irritating, and painful, habit of mine is the chewing away at the inside of my own mouth. Biting so hard that blood is regularly drawn. Chomping the flesh as if it were a legitimate snack. Disappointingly, I have absolutely … Continue reading

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