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What must he look like to them?

Gazing around the table at those present was most informative. To Tsuchinoko, they were like a weird, jumbled-up family, or perhaps an unimpressive circus troupe. He smiled as he idly wondered what their performing roles would be. Commandant Nora…she’d be … Continue reading

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Raging Against the Dying of the Light

With just seven days left of his life, Frederick Grainger was an unremarkable man. He had spent much of his thirty years up to that point unemployed, sleeping on the sofas of friends, getting into bar fights, struggling with depression, … Continue reading

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For this one we were given a sheet with a bunch of sentence-starters on, and basically just left the rest to our imagination. Here’s what emitted from my brain-nozzle: I began to realise why they had invited me in. It … Continue reading

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