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By 2038, the world no longer used razor blades. At least, not for the removal of bodily hair. This was not because humanity had – finally – relinquished its socially constructed obsession with beauty standards and polished appearance. Alas, the … Continue reading

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Despair in the Void

With no real night or day cycle, it’s hard to retain that idea of a perfect day…but I’ll give it a go. Waking up in a bed that I don’t need to be physically strapped to. Being able to go … Continue reading

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Hounslow: Part XVII – Machination

As if she had learned the spiel by rote, Ramla rolled out a technical explanation of the facilities. Shani would almost furtively add the odd word sentence to elaborate on her sister’s discourse, but would otherwise remain still while Ramla … Continue reading

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Revolution Time

Revolution Time, C’mon my Comrades – We’re goin’ to form a Workers’ space With SebtheRed And Bonny LeBon, Class War never ends, Revolution Time! Yes, this was just a thinly-veiled excuse to post the following images (made by other, more … Continue reading

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Hounslow: Part XVI – Companions

“Set the standard for these Learners. You have the skills…and you’re both certifiable. Show them what brilliance and madness can accomplish.” The class tittered nervously, but the recipients of Lt. Commander Finidi Soler were unmoved. They had heard this shtick … Continue reading

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Found words

While cleaning my room this afternoon I found an envelope with the following scrawled across the back of it. I do not remember writing them, and only the fact that it is definitely my handwriting points to my authorship. Bizarre, … Continue reading

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Hounslow: Part XV – Malaise

Her head was throbbing. She knew the cause, though it would be difficult to explain to anyone unfamiliar with the Dais or, more commonly, anyone for whom the gigantic compound did not elicit physical discomfort. It was just… There was … Continue reading

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