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Ticking Underwater Time Bomb

In 1946 a Polish ship, theĀ Kielce, sank off the coast of Folkestone while transporting a relatively insubstantial amount of incendiary ordnance. Intent on preventing detonation of this cargo, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency began work on an operation to neutralise … Continue reading

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A Wake To Remember

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 was a devastatingly lethal example of Mother Nature’s wrath. In November of that year, the event variously known as the ‘Big Blow’, the ‘Freshwater Fury’ and the ‘White Hurricane’ tore through the Great Lakes … Continue reading

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You would think that after such a long time at sea – coming up on forty odd years, I reckon – I’d have found my sea legs. No such luck. Don’t get me wrong fella, I love the ocean; splendor, … Continue reading

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As a cucumber… Part II

The guy was classic eurotrash. Had a French accent you could mature cheese with, one which sounded so affected that you would have half a mind to tell him to cut it out, but one look at his outfit showed … Continue reading

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