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Sporadic Emotional Break

A bloke with “Workers of the World Unite” emblazoned on his t-shirt sits in a stairwell, sipping tea & occasionally nibbling a pecan danish, because he is too frightened of his fellow workers to countenance having lunch in the office … Continue reading

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Dealing with High Stress Triggers in Personal Interaction

This will be quite a rambling post, and for that I apologise; it’s being written at about 6am by a man who woke up a couple of hours earlier and has been unable to return to sleep in the intervening … Continue reading

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Operation Rorret Ylliad

Ok. This it it. Once more into the breach, yadda yadda… Just keep your head, don’t draw attention, you’ll sail through. Keep your eyes open, stay alert, don’t let your guard down. No funny business, no schoolboy errors, no kid’s … Continue reading

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Rude shaming by a total stranger

Snuggling up against your partner, breathing in their scent and allowing yourself to just fall into their arms. Life feels most comfortable in those moments. Just burrow into your other half’s body and drift away on a cloud of wonderful-smelling … Continue reading

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On the Eve of Admission to Psychiatric Hospital

Tomorrow I will be admitted as an in-patient in one of Dublin’s luxurious and prestigious mental health institutions. Go me. This is the second time I have had to head in, the initial occasion being in 2012. I had a … Continue reading

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Ableism, Mental Illness & Violent Crime

This might do just about nobody any good. What I want to say is contrary to the opinions of a great many people whose intelligence and principles I respect, admire and try – in my own tiny way – to … Continue reading

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Man goes from stable employment to zero-hour contract, is relieved

Well, obviously the guy is a few cents short of a euro. Clearly he is scratching his arse when it’s his head that’s itching. Blatantly the bloke is a boat bereft of a bosun. Transparently a train without a track. … Continue reading

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Just something I churned out in the pub last night. Here’s to the Gin Palace on the corner of Liffey Street and Middle Abbey Street! Peace came like calm before a storm. He was familiar with its embrace. Every time … Continue reading

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