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By 2038, the world no longer used razor blades. At least, not for the removal of bodily hair. This was not because humanity had – finally – relinquished its socially constructed obsession with beauty standards and polished appearance. Alas, the … Continue reading

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Someone had to be first

How many days has it been since last I caught a fish? Long enough that I’m giving serious consideration to eating my own hair. Before I resort to that, there are a number of other…unsavoury options. Why has it come … Continue reading

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You Can Almost Smell The History

“As you are all no doubt aware, Alexander ‘Fedora’ Fennerman had two great loves; cocaine, and himself.” Some of the tourists tittered at this, others merely smiled or nodded. “He swept across the Rust Belt on his chopper – a … Continue reading

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Pity the Privileged, Doomed from Birth

Affecting a detached, haughty air, Dame Bianca D’Ellolio listened to the muffled, low roar approaching. It reminded her of the weekends spent near the source of the Capital’s river, playing amongst the reeds with her sisters, being pleasantly bored to … Continue reading

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What follows is what came to mind when we were told, “Write about something that frightens you that other people might find ridiculous.” It is a monster. An all-consuming beast. No matter how much it eats, it is never satisfied. … Continue reading

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