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Immortality must Die

Dear Sir/Madam, It is with the most sincere admiration that we congratulate the team of scientists who earlier this week announced their momentous discovery. The ‘secret to immortality’ is one which many have tried and failed to unveil since our … Continue reading

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Dublin, 2115 C.E.

A fair city, if you’re fairly well-off. There is no air. Everyone is melting. Masses of workers commute from Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford to feed the voracious Capital. Not just a Capital city, but a hyper-city. Food banks either … Continue reading

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Behemoth-eaten in Scar City

Tendrils wrapped around every pillar of interaction. No space left to call safe. Privacy now a distant memory. Every breath measured, every utterance analysed, every thought policed. Orwell’s predictions now woefully quaint. The dystopian visions of the past a fairytale … Continue reading

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Get out your tiny violins

It is we who are the damned. We who have to live with the shame. We who must struggle day and night – especially at night – with the memories of how we saw all this coming…and did nothing. We … Continue reading

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On the lookout for an old high

“We got another one.” Detective Beck sighed. Of course there was another one. There was always another one. This thing was out of control, and all her knucklehead colleagues could think of was the extra overtime. “On it, Chief.” Her … Continue reading

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Whence do the Blue derive their power?

Pretty much as soon as the War on Terror kicked off, the full spectrum of government agencies responsible for security found themselves reassigned. The FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF… You name it, they were on it. Which kinda left the homegrown … Continue reading

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Alcohol-fueled Night Movie

It began with a raindance. Or, at least, that is the earliest part I can remember. A beaming caucasian man, wiggling his fingers high above his head (presumably to represent the pitter-patter of raindrops), as dark ominous clouds gathered in … Continue reading

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