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San Oku En Jiken

50 years ago this morning, four bank employees in Japan were transporting almost 300 million yen designated as bonuses for Toshiba workers. As they passed Fuchu Prison, a police motorcycle drew alongside, signalling them to pull over. After they complied, … Continue reading

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Ticking Underwater Time Bomb

In 1946 a Polish ship, theĀ Kielce, sank off the coast of Folkestone while transporting a relatively insubstantial amount of incendiary ordnance. Intent on preventing detonation of this cargo, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency began work on an operation to neutralise … Continue reading

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In a State of Constant Multiplication

“Once the asset-leveraging is in place, there are a number of lucrative options for the opportunistic transitory sponsor acquisitions trader to pursue. The first and most obvious low-risk/medium-return is what is known in brokerage parlance as a ‘glasscock reshuffle’; all … Continue reading

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The Last Son of Heaven

He moved in with his sister, and got a job as a street-sweeper. As was characteristic of his forgetfulness, he somehow managed to get lost on his first day. Seeking help, this seemingly-ordinary urban worker doubtless dumbfounded passers-by when he told them the following… Continue reading

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Emily Davison Knew Her Place

She was born in south-east London 146 years ago today. Her father was 49, her mother 23. Emily Wilding Davison grew up to be a bright student, earning a 1st in English from Oxford University – or, at least, she … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, Sophocles

“The most terrible thing is that the possibility didn’t even register until I found out his mother’s maiden name. Even then, it seemed a coincidence….but who really believes in them any more? Up till then he’d looked like the cute … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize

This is what she wants most in the world. Or, at least, what she needs most in the world. Equality. To be treated with dignity and respect, and to be able to treat others the same way without weakening her … Continue reading

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