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Emily Davison Knew Her Place

She was born in south-east London 146 years ago today. Her father was 49, her mother 23. Emily Wilding Davison grew up to be a bright student, earning a 1st in English from Oxford University – or, at least, she … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, Sophocles

“The most terrible thing is that the possibility didn’t even register until I found out his mother’s maiden name. Even then, it seemed a coincidence….but who really believes in them any more? Up till then he’d looked like the cute … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize

This is what she wants most in the world. Or, at least, what she needs most in the world. Equality. To be treated with dignity and respect, and to be able to treat others the same way without weakening her … Continue reading

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A History of Invincibles Day

Since the Arsenal team of 2003/2004 completed their league campaign without suffering defeat, there has existed on the calendar a feast day commemorating their achievement. No, I’m not talking about the date of their final match that season, against Leicester … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Mennen

“Think ‘Soapy’ will swing the V.P. slot at the Convention?” Jeff London threw a sidelong glance at his companion driving their Studebaker Champion. It was hard to believe that this sweaty, uncouth figure was of such esteemed reputation around the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Smooth Forest

Meticulous was the preparation. Horrifying, the execution. As an officer and, no doubt, a gentleman, it behooved Captain Swayne to take all necessary precautions when administering the…technique. He and his assistants – men of the North Cork Militia – clad … Continue reading

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The Trickling Sads of Time

With every passing second, we grow further from our birth and closer to our demise. There’s an upbeat thought for you. From the age we are first able to create memories, we are building a tail – a tail of … Continue reading

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